Moor Mother @ The Spur (New York, NY)

Moor Mother- vocals, electronics

Fay Victor- vocals

Aquilies Navaro- trumpet

Tomeka Reid- cello

Nick Dunston- bass

Tcheser Holmes- drums

Nick Dunston @ Roulette Intermedium (Brooklyn, NY)

This will be the second (and final) performance of Nick Dunston’s 2019 Van Lier Fellowship at Roulette Intermedium. A world premiere of “La Operación”.

Stephanie Lamprea- soprano voice

David Leon- alto saxophone

Noah Becker- alto saxophone

Nick Dunston- double bass, composition

Ben Rolston- double bass

Stephen Boegehold- drums

Lesley Mok- drums

Ches Smith Quartet @ IBeam (Brooklyn, NY)

Mary Halvorson- guitar

Liberty Ellman- guitar

Nick Dunston- bass

Ches Smith- drums, glockenspiel, drum machine

Ches Smith @ The Stone (New York, NY)

Matt Mitchell- piano

Nick Dunston- bass

Daniel Brevil- Haitian tanbou

Markus Schwartz- Haitian tanbou

Ches Smith- drums, percussion

Anna Webber @ National Sawdust (Brooklyn, NY)

Adam O’Farrill- trumpet

Anna Webber- woodwinds

Yuma Uesaka- woodwinds

Nathaniel Morgan- woodwinds

Jacob Garchik- trombone

Erica Dicker- violin

Joanna Mattrey- viola

Mariel Roberts- cello

Liz Kozack- synthesizer

Nick Dunston- bass

Satoshi Takeishi- drums